Best Shades for Asian Hair

With so many brands and hair colors on the market, you can get easily confuse when choosing the best hair color for Asian hair.

Mixing and matching any tone to any hair is not anything new to Asian women.

In getting a beautiful outlook you sure want to follow the below listed tips to prevent unnecessary mistakes and lengthy fixes. Here’s the 5 best color shades for Asians.

1. Maroon. As one of the hair colors that are meant for daring women, since it tends to accentuate your blemishes and flaws. Make sure you treat your skin properly before going for this color. Once you have maroon hair color, make sure you match your make up and coverage accordingly. Try it! You can always change it back to your natural tones.

2. Auburn. As one of the hair colors that are meant for warmer skin tones. It’s the perfect shades for Asian women who want to lean towards the red side of life without going all out. Auburn is a beautiful shade of red which is darker than mahogany and yet does not have the orange tones as copper hair color. Always determine your skin tone before choosing a hair color such as auburn it works well with warmer skin tones.

3. Light Blonde. Always have this particular hair color done in a professional salon as it’s quite difficult tone to get right. Younger Asian women can flaunt a light blonde shade on their long locks. It is necessary to check whether this hair dye matches you skin tone and you can try it out by coloring only one streak of your hair or have it highlights. You may never go back.

4. Dark Brown. Many Asians have this hair color naturally by birth. Even though Asian women have naturally dark hair, giving your look a little bit of a make over is easily done with a dark brown shade. It’s the easiest hair color to apply without the possibility of messing it up. It is best to go for this hair color if you have gray and white coverage and do not want a very drastic change in your appearance but are craving for a fresh new look.

5. Medium Brown. It’s not a natural hair color for Asians and it’s a little bit lighter than the natural Asian hair tones, so it will still look natural. It’s best to choose this hair dye if you have brown eyes, even if they are darker because this color will accentuate your eyes and other features. It is the best to give yourself a well-groomed look with this shades as it has fewer possibilities of looking bad.

Asian hair has a beautiful, soft texture as well as deep natural color. However, it’s completely normal to want to experiment a little bit and change it up every once in a while. So go on. Try something new, mix it up, experiment a little bit, and don’t forget the above mentioned tips when choosing the best color for your hair.

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