Astounding Foot Spa Benefits

Foot Spa is a relaxing and effective techniques that caters with all the demands of the feet. A great way to pamper yourself after a stress filled day, as it improves the process of reflexology, which can benefit your entire body. And massaging your feet can be so soothing. There are many different types of foot spa available depending on the needs and budget.

Here’s the 10 astounding foot spa benefits

1.) Helps Control Blood Pressure. Normally blood pressure in controlled with the help of costly medicines available in the market. But always opting for medicines isn’t a very good option. Reflexology is one such treatment that is very helpful in controlling the problem of blood pressure. There are various reason due to which the hypertension can be avoided with the help of reflexology. If you are suffering from the hypertension then it is best to go with reflexology. But it is important to keep in mind that the organs aren’t affected by the reflexology.

2.) Improved Nerve Sensitivity. This is because the more muscle are moving the better. They can keep up blood circulation to nourish the nerve endings, and applying appropriate pressure to these points stimulates the flow of energy, thus helping to relieve pain or blockages throughout the entire body. A very pleasurable form of bodywork to ease stress and promotes relaxation.

3.) Improved Energy Level. It helps body to maintain the dexterity and locomotion ability. It promotes general sense of relaxation especially overused or tired hands, feet and the whole body parts. It stimulates the release of body’s pain relieving chemicals that helps athletes of any level prepare for and recover from strenuous workouts.

4.) Improves Blood Circulation. The squeezing and pulling also pushes lactic acid from the muscles and improves the circulation of the lymph fluid which carries metabolic waste away from muscles and internal organs, resulting in lower blood pressure and improved body function. Improved blood circulation is just one more benefits of foot spa massage therapy. Combined with a balance diet and regular exercise, massage can be powerful, natural ally for a healthier lifestyle.

5.) Helps Promote Good Sleep. After a hard days work, a good night sleep is just what you need to recharge your batteries. But at times, stress makes it difficult to fall asleep. A relaxing foot spa massage is one of the best stress busters that also helps in promoting good sleep. It has been shown to be better for sleep because it helps people relax, relieves pain and it can also stimulates hormones that are conducive to sleep.

6.) Improves Liver Function. The liver is responsible for removing toxins, bacteria and other worn out substances that can further cause damage to other parts of the body. As liver performs some of the critical functions for your body, it is important to make sure that this organ should be performing at its optimal level. With proper foot spa massage techniques liver functions is improved and as a results of which you will witness impressive results with your body health and functionality.

7.) Treat Migraines and Headache. Rubbing your feet can help make a headache disappear. Foot spa massage can be an effective way to ease stress and discomfort. By applying pressure on appropriate locations can ease pain and induce relaxation. The pressure applied by the reflexologist can send a calming message to the nerves in your feet to your nervous system, according to the University of Minnesota. In turn, the body adjust tension levels and enhances overall relaxation.

8.) Useful for Depression and Anxiety. Foot spa massage are proven to be helpful when it comes to treating anxiety and depression. Most notably, symptoms of anxiety and depression appear to have been alleviated with the use of massage therapy, measured heart and respiratory rates and blood pressure were found to be lower post-massage, and anxiety levels were observed to be lessen. There are many ways of treating these mental health conditions naturally and foot spa massage therapy is one that’s absolutely worth trying out.

9.) Helps Reduce Swollen Feet. Swelling of feet could be a sign of heart disease or heart failure. If the heart is damage, it can’t pump blood to the heart efficiently. Swollen feet normally occur due to edema or pregnancy, foot and ankle injury. A foot spa massage creates pressure on the affected area and helps improve blood circulation, relax muscles and encourages excess fluid drainage which results in reduced swelling.

10.) Removes Calluses. Calluses are areas of hardened skin that usually develop on weight-bearing areas. Most calluses occur on your feet because of friction from shoes. You might also get them on your hands from using a tool or playing instrument. Foot spa can help soften calluses and prevents the skin from drying out so its easier to remove by scrubbing. However call your doctor if you have diabetes, your callus becomes painful or inflamed, or your callus won’t go away.

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