A Guide To Men’s Haircut

A good haircut usually turns out to be a good day because of that little boost to your confidence that flows over into everything you do. A good haircut should not have to rely on a bunch of styling products to do its job, what matters is the cut itself that makes our hair an attractive features for all of us. So in this article we rounded up the best looking hairstyle for every face-shape of men.

Filipino translation.

(Ang magandang gupit ay karaniwang nagiging isang magandang araw dahil sa maliit na tulong sa iyong kumpiyansa na dumadaloy sa lahat ng iyong ginagawa. Ang magandang gupit ay hindi dapat umasa sa mga produkto at estilo upang gawin ang trabaho nito, ang mahalaga ay ang gupit mismo na ginagawa sa ating buhok na isang kaakit-akit na tampok para sa ating lahat. Kaya sa artikulong ito binuo namin ang pinakabagay na mga gupit para sa iba’t-ibang hugis mukha ng mga lalaki).

1. The ROUND FACE-SHAPE. A round face shape can sometimes be lacking in features and you can create definition through sharp layers and textures. A round face shape can be considered the perfect canvas as it can benefit from extreme styles. Try to choose a hairstyle with height and volume on top can add length to the face with tight back and sides and go for hard textured cut, a Humble quiff, Crew cut and Mohawk is a great way to add height to your face. Avoid haircut that add length to the back and sides and flatten the top, because they make the face look rounder.

(Ang hugis bilog na mukha ay maaaring minsay kulang sa mga tampok at maaari kang lumikha ng kahulugan sa pamamagitan ng matalim na mga layer at mga texture. Ang hugis bilog na mukha ay maaaring isaalang-alang ang perpektong canvas na maaari itong makinabang mula sa matinding estilo. Subukang pumili ng hairstyle na may taas at dami sa itaas na maaaring magdagdag ng haba sa mukha na may masikip sa likod at gilid at pumili ng mga hard textured cut, ang Humble quiff, Crew cut at Mohawk ay isang mahusay na paraan upang magdagdag ng taas sa iyong mukha. Iwasan ang gupit na magdagdag ng haba sa likod at gilid at patagin ang tuktok, dahil ginagawa nitong mas bilog ang iyong mukha).

2. The OVAL FACE-SHAPE. With oval face shape you have the advantage of flaunting a wide range of hairstyles that include the long, short and a combination of both. An oval face has the rare privilege to be free in experimenting a variety of style. A classic short back and sides with a little length on top is a good choice, while texture and volume on top sharpen the face. You can go with fade Pompadour, textured Quiff and classic Taper. Choosing the right hairstyle for oval face will need a little bit of thinking because selecting random hairstyle can make you look clumsy. Do not choose hairstyle that has the forehead covered with bangs and fridges as this could make your face rounder.

(Sa pamamagitan ng hugis-itlog na mukha mayroon kang kalamangan sa pagpapalaganap ng malawak na hanay ng mga hairstyles pareho ang mahaba, maikli at kombinasyon ng pareho. Ang hugis-itlog na mukha ay may bihirang pribilehiyo na maging malaya sa pag-eksperimento sa iba’t ibang estilo. Ang isang klasikong maikling likod at gilid na may isang maliit na haba sa tuktok ay isang mahusay na pagpipilian, habang ang texture at dami sa itaas para patalasin ang mukha. Pumili ng Fade pompadour, Textured quiff at Classic taper. Ang pagpili ng tamang hairstyle para sa hugis-itlog na mukha ay kailangan ng kaunting pag-iisip sapagkat ang pagpili ng random na hairstyle ay maaaring gumawa ng malamyang hitsura. Huwag pumili ng hairstyle na ang noo ay nasasakop ng mga bangs at fridges dahil maaari mas bumilog ang iyong mukha).

3. The SQUARE FACE-SHAPE. With it’s angular and masculine features, a square face can easily impress with neat and tight cuts. Extremely short styles like Buzz cuts can evoke self discipline yet a little length on top can provide some casual texture to break away from an overbearing military look. Deep side parts and swept back styles can be paired with tight fades and an Undercut to provide textured layering and bring out those chiseled features. Square face shape have the luxury of being able to enjoy most hairstyle. Just avoid precision defined hairline if your hair is receding.

(Gamit ang mga anggular at panlalaking tampok, ang isang parisukat na mukha ay madaling mapabilib sa masinop at mahigpit na pagbabawas. Ang sobrang ikling mga estilo tulad ng Buzz cut ay maaaring pukawin ang disiplina sa sarili ngunit ang isang maliit na haba sa itaas ay maaaring magbigay ng ilang kaswal na pagkakayari upang lumayo mula sa mapanupil na hitsurang militar. Ang mga malalalim na bahagi at ang mga estilo ng pag-uli ay maaaring ipares sa Tight fades at Undercut upang magbigay ng texture layering at ilabas ang mga tampok na pinaikot. Ang hugis parisukat na mukha ay may luhong matamasa ang karamihang mga hairstyle. Basta iwasan magkagay ng mga linya sa hairline kung ang iyong buhok ay manipis).

4. The DIAMOND FACE-SHAPE. With already strong cheekbones, the objective is to balance the overall structure by adding build to the forehead and chin. Go with plenty of volume on top with balance out the proportions and keeping a classic shorter hairline in the front reveals the forehead. Favoring scissors cuts will ensure softer contours and layers to avoid an overly geometric result. Avoid aggressive cuts that further sharpen features, short sides risk of enlarging the ears due to strong cheekbones. Longer hair generally works well with a diamond shape as rounder volume doesn’t risk undermining existing features.

5. The HEART FACE-SHAPE. With a rounder forehead set against a small chin, the objective is to redistribute these proportions. Mid length and windswept styles help frame the forehead, which give it a narrower quality. Remember Quiff, Pompadour, Side Part and Slicked Back. Styling is best achieved with blow drying or naturally rather than relying on product to make sure that texture remains soft rather than angular. Light volume controlled sides can either be created with letting the hair grow out on the sides or a front fringe that falls across the forehead. A side part with a fringe can soften the wide forehead and can add a light offset aspect. It’s best to avoid tight cuts on the sides as they risk only increasing the width of the forehead and leaving the jawline bare.

6. The PEAR FACE-SHAPE. With it’s prominent jawline but otherwise narrow forehead, do use plenty of length and volume on top. Reveal the forehead with a swept back quiff of side part and be generous with texture. Some softness can be retained around the back and sides. However, a lack of volume on top runs the risk of amplifying the jawline. In this case, texture is recommended to ensure the presence of bulk. A Crew cut and Pompadour will look good. Just avoid too much softness on top and high fades, which risk narrowing the forehead even further.

7. The OBLONG FACE-SHAPE. With it’s tall structure but otherwise balance feature, the key to showcasing an oblong face is in controlling the hair’s proportions. Although most styles work well, styles should focus on the sides or across the forehead while staying relatively flat on top. A slicked back undercut, Comb over fade, Side part and French Crop haircut is a good choice. A style that uses gravity to let the hair fall naturally will provide sufficient volume and accentuate the forehead width without elongating it’s length. Avoid extreme hairstyle, too tight back and sides and too much height or length on top. Aside from anything which add length on top, men with long faces can pull off any cut and style.

Thank you for reading our article. We’re not able to translate the whole article completely to Filipino because the translation is not so accurate. We will try our best on our next article. Mabuhay!


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