A Simple Guide To Makeup

The makeup world is so immerse and has so many tricks and secrets, getting lost in it is so easy. That is the reason why we created a simple makeup guide tutorials to help you work out what your perfect make up would be and how to look amazing with your face shape. Let’s start with an Oval-shape face.

1. An oval face doesn’t need much contouring, but there are couple of things you can do to add a little definition to your face. Since this is considered a perfect shape you need to stay loyal to your normal foundation. Most of the makeup tips for oval faces sometimes need you to change the color of your foundation. Focus only on one features, with a smoky eyes look, keep your lip color neutral, and with a glossy red lip, stick with brown eye shadow, one coat of mascara and a natural liner. If you want to make your face appear a little bit shorter and thinner, you can apply foundation along your jaw one shade darker than your natural skin color. Do contouring with bronzer and enhance your eyes. Keep the natural arch of your brow and plump up your cheeks, lip gloss and bring out your best features.

2. The round-shape face. Contour works really well for round face shape as it can help add definition and structure to your curved features. Go two shades darker than your normal foundation. The general rule to follow is the classic three contour. This means you should start by contouring along the outer edges of your forehead, at your temples, and under your cheekbones. Continue the contour around the jawline, avoiding the chin. By leaving the chin free of contour, it’ll help to add more length to your face, creating the illusion of a longer, more oval face shape. Apply highlighting powder down the bridges of the nose, at the center of the forehead and just a touch on the chin, to add length to a round face. To create illusion of a more sculpted face, sweep bronzer along the temples, in the hollow of the cheeks and along the jawline. Apply your favorite lipstick to your lips to complete your perfect look!

3. The square-shape face. If you have a square-shape face, your makeup should aim to round out your jawline for a softer look. To soften the hard angles and to create a more oval appearance you need to contour the corner of your face. By using shading product like bronzer or a dark foundation you can blend upward on the side of your jaw as well as on the sides of the forehead downward to the temple to soften the corners. Under the tip of your chin blending towards your ears and slightly upward toward your mount to soften the line. To draw attention to your cheekbones use a tawny blush in the hollow of your cheeks, don’t bring the blush too high, then blush over a softer shade of blush over the apples of your cheeks and cheekbones. Blend well so you don’t see sharp lines. Apply dramatic lip color and a plump pout to draw attention to your lips not on your jaw. Also add the same bronzer to just the bottom of the chin to draw attention away from your chiseled jaw. The best makeup tips for square-shaped face include contour highlighting your forehead, chin, bridge of the nose and your cheekbones. You’re applying highlight where light naturally hits your face.

4. The diamond-shape face. With a diamond-shape face, you may want to reduce the width around the cheekbone line. To do so, use two shades of foundations, one light and one darker. You can apply darker foundation to areas you want to minimize outside of the cheekbones, and apply the lighter foundation to the area you want to emphasize your chin and forehead. Soften your chin by applying dark shade foundation to just the tip of your chin to reduce its pointy appearance and create the illusion of a wider jaw. Do not apply your blush in the hollows underneath your cheekbones, but on the apples of your cheeks instead. To widen the appearance of your forehead, your brows should be groomed slightly apart from center and follow your natural brow line. Do not create a dramatic arch. This will help your eyes and your forehead appear a little wider. Stick to your natural lip line when applying your lip liner. You don’t want your lips to appear too wide, as this may make your chin look even thinner.

5. The heart-shape face. Like oval face, heart-shape face has high cheekbones. The only thing to avoid is too much blush because that area of the face is already pronounce. Round out your chin for highlighting, use foundation that is lighter than your normal foundation. Apply the product in the center of your forehead and above your cheekbones. You can add depth and width to the chin area with contouring makeup. Apply highlighter or light concealer lengthwise on the chin and along your jawline and blend with a sponge. This will broaden the appearance of your chin and make it appear a little rounder. With a heart-shaped go for a natural brow, eyebrows should be thick with a natural arch that is relatively straight. This will help the forehead appear a little bit thinner and balance out the face shape.

6. The pear-shape face. A pear-shape face is a narrow forehead and a jawline that is usually wider and stronger. The ultimate goal with this shape is to narrow down the lower half of the face, to make it look more oval and even. There are two simple ideals that come up when you’re contouring the cheeks. If a contour from your ear and towards your nose, you will shorten your face and lift the cheekbones. For a pear-shape face, contouring from your ear and towards the corner of your lips is a much better option. It will elongate your face slightly and give you the most natural look you can get. To create a cohesive and well-blended natural look, apply a small amount of product right under your jawline and blend down your neck slightly. That way your face will look narrower. Once you’ve applied and blended all your contours, go for blush. Pick a shade that will complements your complexion. Apply the blush in the area between your contour and your highlight which you apply last. Blend well and your done.

7. The oblong-shape face. A well-powered face is essential for contouring an oblong face to make it appear more equally proportion. Your objective is to create the appearance of the ideal oval face, making your face both shorter and broader. Use a darker pressed powder or a matte bronzer along the hairline at the top of the forehead the bottom of the chin will help the face appear slightly shorter. Apply bronzer under the cheekbones in the hollow and blend it up toward the hairline to make the face appear broader. To really put focus on the cheeks, you need to apply blush just to the apples with a fluffy brush in a circular motion. Apply a light highlighter or illuminating powder to the very highest points of the cheeks to finish widening the appearance of the face. You can also extend the eyebrows outward your temples to soften the angular features. Play with your eyes by experimenting with cat eye, bold eyeshadow color and dramatic lashes. By putting the emphasis on your beautiful features, you can take away from an irregular oblong face shape.

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