How To Get Curly Hair without a Perm

Hair that’s curly, bouncy, and attention getting is surprisingly easy to achieve with a rag and foam curlers, flat and curling iron or even just scrunching your hair. You can create a signature look, or magnify the glam factor for that special occasions. The good news is you’re in the right place to get your easiest, healthiest hair routine ever. It also gives your locks a healthy break from harmful chemicals.

1. Using a Rag Curlers. To do so, take a comb and make a parting from the top of the head straight down to behind one ear. Comb all the hair in the first section straight down and grip the ends tightly. Take a rag and center it right over the ends of the hair. Begin rolling the ends around the rag, making sure to secure them down. The trick is to roll them around once, then roll right over them again so that they are rolled in tightly. Keep rolling the hair around the rag until you can’t roll any further.

2. Using Foam Curlers. To do so, start with clean hair and comb your hair into at least four sections. For a fuller, softer curls with more of a wave, roll the curlers horizontally. To roll them vertically, hold a section of your hair straight out from your head at a 90 degree angle. Wrap the ends of your hair around the roller and continue rolling the curler in toward your scalp. You may want to do this around bedtime so that there will be plenty of time overnight for your rolled tresses to dry completely.

3. Using a Curling Iron. We recommend practicing with the curling iron or flat iron in the off position. It seems silly. But this will allow you to practice these curling hair techniques without burning. It is best to start all the style with dry, clean, damp hair, so cleanse and condition your hair before doing so. For tighter curls, a small barreled iron is your best bet. For looser waves, try a large barreled iron. If using tapered wands, the large end work best for loose, relaxed curls, while the smaller tip works for tight and springy curls.

4. Using Flat Iron. Curling hair with a straightener can create full, bouncy curls that won’t look like ringlets. It takes a little practice, but once you get the technique down, you will look amazing and practically red-carpet ready. To curl with your straightener, separate your hair into layers, then take a small section of hair and clamp down with the straightener. Rotate the curling iron so your hair makes a U-shape, then slowly slide the straightener down the length of your hair to create a basic curl. Make sure to start with completely clean and dry hair. Wet hair won’t curl at all and damp hair won’t curl as well, even if you have one of those magical wet to dry hair straighteners.

5. Scrunching Your Hair. To do so, use gel or glaze on thick hair and foam or mousse on thin hair. Pick up individual sections of hair, squeeze the strands between your fingers, and crumple the ends of the strand up toward your roots. Grabbing larger sections will result in larger curls, smaller sections will results in smaller curls. This scrunching method will create curls, bends, and volume in your hair.

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